Nano plus extra

The product is a specially designed solution that can resist the negative impact of yellowing caused by environmental factors. It is particularly suitable for use in hot regions where temperatures frequently exceed 60 degrees Celsius. Made from TPU, this product features self-healing technology, ensuring that any cracks or damages are automatically repaired, thereby enhancing its overall durability. With its remarkable longevity, this product offers a prolonged lifespan and serves as a reliable solution for a wide range of applications. It boasts a high tensile strength of up to 5000 and has a thickness of 8.5 mm.

High Gloss
Platinum Optical clarity of film brighten original paintwork, creating a more shinning look.
Impact Resistance
PPF slows down the impact of gravel, and resists high-speed splashing gravel damage to original paint.
Scratch Resistance

PPF is scratch resistant& will maintain paint under the hardest condition,Don't worry about scratches.


PPF will self-heal light scratches with light heat to the film's surface, Repairing scratches is almost effortless.

Corrosion Resistance

Superior corrosion protection from corrosive substances, bird droppings, tree sap stains that damage bodywork paint.


ormulation of coating and Lubrizol urethane will not yellow from UV exposure, ensuring protected areas as fresh.